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Aquarius Systems

A Scalable Restroom Solution

With the new Aquarius Vacuum Toilet Trailer System, traditional porta-potties at large events are a thing of the past. This revolutionary system combines the latest in vacuum flushing technology with the comfort of an indoor facility, all in a footprint about a quarter of the size needed for an equivalent amount of portable toilets.

Users will truly value the total experience of the Aquarius Vacuum Toilet System: electric lighting, air conditioning, porcelain flushing toilets, and handwashing sinks are just the beginning. The look and amenities for the Aquarius System are completely customizable to suit your needs. Branding and theme, lighting, furniture, decor, private staffing, air fresheners, and more can be tailored to wow your guests.

We listened to the concerns of response crews, industry leaders, disaster contractors, venue operators, and users, and have developed the missing link between nearly obsolete mass-quantity porta-potty systems and high-end, low-user volume VIP restroom trailers.

The Aquarius System combines all the comforts of a VIP restroom trailer experience with the ability to accommodate a much larger volume of users.

We Provide Service You Can Count On:

  • Full turn-key operation
  • Water delivery
  • Gray and black water pick-up
  • Generators and fuel
  • Experienced technicians
  • Cleaning staff
  • 12-hour set up from call

The Aquarius Experience

Operations can continue unobstructed and accommodate up to three times as many people as the same number of porta-potty seats and in MUCH less space. The small footprint of the Aquarius System make it easy to place almost anywhere inside a relief camp or venue, and the attractive skirting and deck help to blend the unit into the surroundings while blocking the elements from the holding tanks and trailer landing gear.

Best of all, the unit can be serviced without interruption, and waste is discretely moved off-site, limiting the odors and noise usually emitted during pumping.


  • Smaller footprint
  • Takes up a fraction of the space of portable toilets
  • One system can match the holding capacity of 182 port-a-potties

Bonus Features:

  • Skirting hides landing gear and waste storage
  • Deck provides larger waiting area
  • Large stairs for easy access
  • Detached hand wash area

Mechanical Features:

  • Pump waste without disruption to service
  • Pump to the sewer of off-site
  • No service truck during the event
  • Large capacity on-board holding tank with expandable storage as needed

Optional Upgrades:

  • Shade canopy structure
  • Outdoor fans, misting system
  • Exterior branding wraps
  • Artistic Lighting
  • Restroom attendants
  • Outdoor furniture
  • TVs & speakers, streaming concerts, baby changing stations