Top 3 Reasons to Ditch Foot Pump Handwashing Stations

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As technology begins to develop and improve, foot pump handwashing stations are becoming a thing of the past – and rightly so. Electric-powered Mobile Hand Wash Trailers can provide many more benefits than a manual foot pump sink has to offer.

What is a Foot Pump Handwashing Station and How Does it Work?

A foot pump hand washing station is a manually operated sink typically consisting of a foot pump, sink basin, water reservoir, and a faucet. This sink operates by transferring water from the clean water from the lower tank receptacle, through the faucet and into the catch basin by force of a foot pump. 

Reasons to Avoid Foot Pump Hand Washing Stations

It can be a common misconception that foot pump handwashing stations are the most effective and beneficial choice for your operation. The following are a few reasons we suggest that you ditch that foot pump hand washing station!

  1. Unsanitary

We’re willing to bet that you don’t spend much time thinking about what happens with your handwashing station once you’ve dried off and gone on with your day, but you should! The tanks, pumps, and various accessories of that foot pump hand washing station can be a breeding ground for bacteria and algae given the right conditions. Multiple factors contribute to the growth of bacteria such as who handles the equipment, what they’ve touched, the recent cleaning practices that did (or did not) occur, and the amount of heat and moisture accumulated. The water may be potable going into those water tanks, but once it exits – it’s not. While this water is safe for handwashing, it doesn’t meet the food safety standards for consumption. The water you use to wash your hands should be as clean as possible, as it is highly likely this nonpotable water contains harmful pathogens that could lead to salmonella or gastro-intestinal parasites if accidentally ingested.

  1. Inconvenient and Outdated

As we live in the world of the 21st century, instant gratification is in higher demand than ever. You might not consider the amount of effort that goes into a foot pump hand wash station, but if you are using this sink to service an event or larger crowds you’ll soon learn how inconvenient and ineffective they can be. Your event attendees should be able to access clean, running water at the simple turn of a faucet, instead of wasting time and holding up lines trying to keep a foot pump going. These types of sinks are also typically not ADA compliant, and therefore not very inclusive. It’s important for your festival attendees or crew members to have equal access to the facilities you provide. Our 20-sink Mobile Hand Wash Trailers at ADS is equipped for providing larger crowds with instant hot and cold running water for a quick and effective wash.

  1. No Hot Water

A downfall to foot pump hand wash sinks is that most will be unable to provide hot and cold water. Oftentimes, getting them to provide both results in extra plumbing and wasted effort as you may need to install separate foot pumps. Our electric-powered 8 and 20-Sink Mobile Hand Wash Trailers at ADS provide you guaranteed access to both hot and cold running water, no matter what. Along with sanitary convenience, electric-powered mobile hand wash trailers also provide comfort!

Switch to Electric-Powered Mobile Hand Wash Trailers With Active Deployment Systems

Our expert professionals at ADS know what it takes to efficiently serve large crowds and provide effective solutions. This means moving away from old ideas and practices as more effective technologies and methods are created. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives from our team here at ADS, and request a quote for your mobile handwashing trailer today!

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