Simon Was Smitten

It all began at the tradeshow. The engineers behind the Norwegian Vacuumarator Pump Flushing technology, then used only on very large 400’+ multi-deck ocean-going vessel applications such as cruise ships, military-vessels, and oil tankers, had envisioned a land-based application of their vacuum flush technology.

They realized the potential for their unique vacuum flushing technology and developed their first-ever vacuum flush restroom trailer. The 10-stall 28′ prototype made its first appearance at that trade show in 2008. Simon was so impressed with the concept that he purchased the Jets™ prototype trailer and brought it home from the show.

We Had A Vision!

The original 10-stall trailer used two small 15MB vacuum macerator pumps to move waste from the toilets to the storage tanks very effectively. However, it was not much of an improvement over existing VIP restroom trailers in terms of low waste capacity, low crowd volume, and a large footprint when several trailers would be needed to serve large events.

Simon quickly saw the potential and need for large-scale land-based vacuum restroom systems capable of serving very large crowds where traditional VIP units failed to meet demand. His experience with 53′ semi-trailer based mobile laundry and shower units proved that there was a market for high-volume, large-capacity mobile hygiene units. He believed, back in 2008, that there was going to be an “Evolution of the portable toilet” and knew that vacuum flush would be the key.

The Portable Toilet is Born

By June 2009, Simon had ordered and received one of Jets™ larger sea-going 65MB Vacuumarator pumps, the first of its kind to be placed in a land-based application world-wide, and the predecessor of their more modern 95MB and 140MB pumps. Less than a year after purchasing the original concept trailer, the first Evolution of the Portable Toilet rolled off the production line in August 2009.

ADS Vacuum Flush Systems Development

Simon’s Super Toilet (SST1) Restroom System was the  self-contained large-scale VIP-style restroom trailer with an on-board waste tank generator, air-conditioning, and electric lighting to contain 30 stalls (24 toilets and 6 urinals), and operate on the 65MB Vacuumarator™ pump. That trailer is still in use today, only having recently been upgraded to the stronger second-generation Jets™ 95MB pump over the summer of 2018 – proving the longevity and reliability of these systems to handle waste.

PRO Magazine—November 2011

SST1 made its debut in 2010 serving the military while training at Fort Hood, TX.

It continued serving military and government contracts and gaining popularity, and by 2011, ADS had built two additional Simon’s Super Toilet trailers. In November 2011, Active Deployment Systems was featured in PRO Magazine (Portable Toilet Operator) with the “Evolution of the Portable Toilet” showcasing the Simon’s Super Toilet Trailers, and praising their ability to serve large crowds in a small footprint while providing a VIP experience.

This article opened the door to the commercial market, and in November 2012, all three SST trailers made their commercial debut at the very first Formula 1 Grand Prix Race at the brand -new Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) Race Track in Austin, TX. The event organizers sought us out because they were very focused on the general admission public experience and recognized the importance of catering to their high-end crowd of thousands of people. We continue to serve the Fl event each year with rave reviews to this day.

Tried & True Systems

With ten years of development and testing, Active Deployment Systems has remained the leader in self-contained mobile vacuum flush restroom systems in the United States. Continuous improvement of our systems has led to our latest breakthrough: the construction of the Aquarius Restrooms Systems, named for Simon’s astrological sign. These systems combine 53′ power unit trailers containing 30 flushing stalls with 27′ urinal pup trailers. Today, ADS has eight large-scale vacuum restroom systems available in different configurations with a minimum of 30 and up to 180 stalls, capable of replacing traditional portable toilets at a ratio of 3 to 1.

Our Mobile Restroom Trailers have served many commercial events and government contracts over the years. We have contracts with FEMA, GSA, and individual state governments for disaster response and have provided service nationwide, in Canada, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

These systems are highly prized for their advantages over traditional portable toilets and even other vacuum flush systems because they are capable of handling more people and more waste in a highly concentrated small footprint, they don’t require much assembly, AND they are air-conditioned.

The Competition

ADS supports all vacuum flush portable systems, and we believe any system that can replace traditional portable toilets is always a step in the right direction. Recently, the European market has latched on to vacuum flush technology as well, using the same Jets™ Vacuumarator” pumps to service flushing portable toilets that look and feel very much like a traditional portable toilet.

By 2016, they began to engage the US commercial market, selling systems to other large companies in the portable toilet industry, and even directly to event production companies such as Live Nation. Systems such as Sanitrax and Pop UP3 employ the same Jets™ pump systems and porcelain toilets but place them in a collapsible box that is more similar to a regular portable toilet.

Our vacuum flush restroom trailers are completely self-contained, eliminating many of the issues associated with the newer collapsible vacuum systems.

The Future of Vacuum Flush

Over the last three years, we have welcomed other vacuum flush vendors into the commercial market place and worked with them to promote their systems. After all, eight years later, they are ALSO promoting the “evolution of the portable toilet” through vacuum flush. Ten years after we first laid eyes on the vacuum flush technology, ADS is still the leader in land-based vacuum flush systems, and we have more development and experience than anyone else in the marketplace.

We are very excited that a decade after we built the “Evolution of the Portable Toilet,” it is finally here, and the market has caught up to the vision!!