Hospital Isolation Skids

ADS designed and built our hospital isolation skids with capacity for four hospital beds. This unit provides negative air return through a hospital grade FA700 HEPA filter. It features two separate HVAC units to keep the interior rooms at the desired temperatures independent of one another. This unit can be rapidly deployed as a stand-alone unit to support smaller operations.
hospital isolation skids

Advantages of Hospital Isolation Skids

  • Family members in temporary care facilities would no longer need be completely separated from their family members. Windows are installed in the unit for medical staff observation, but that also means a family member could at least be with, or view a family member that was in critical care.
  • Isolation skids can be added or withdrawn from temporary medical sites and relocated to others sites quickly as the need arises.
  • Could be used to house medical staff onsite away from patients

Production Schedule

The first 2-bed Hospital Isolation Skid prototype is complete and ready for deployment. The modified units are being parts sourced and are expected to begin production by April 3rd . The first 4-bed Hospital Isolation Skid production unit can be completed by 15 April. From 15 April and beyond, it is expected that one unit could be completed every other day. Estimates indicate that 9 hospital isolation skids will be completed by the end of April (36 beds.) Projections support that production can increase to one unit per day on or about the 30th of April.