About Us

Who We Are

We are a rapid response company providing life-support systems nationwide, with a strong focus on reliability, efficiency, and the environment. Our cutting-edge innovative spirit keeps us a step ahead in this ever-expanding and demanding market. We take great pride as well in our above-and-beyond personal relations with our family of employees, as well as with our clients.

A Few Words About

Our Company

We can help you gain control of any situation with our vast array of facilities. Rapid deployment and operation of temporary housing and facilities is our specialty. Multiple operation hubs nationwide allow us to deploy anywhere in the continental United States within 24 hours. Other areas we serve include Canada, Mexico, and Central America. We’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Our founders started a locally-owned-and-operated porta potty business in 2008 that serviced the military. After a few natural disasters, they quickly expanded services, including extensive bathroom trailers and facilities. A highly specialized company, we’ve worked with federal and local governments, and the military and national guard in training and disaster relief operations. We’ve been operating over 25 years.

We build high-quality mobile hygiene units with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and the environment. ADS staff are carefully selected and trained on equipment deployment. Our team works with competitors to ensure that the best products are selected. Equipment includes mobile showers, hand washing and sink stations, and restroom and laundry trailers. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll refer you to a company that does have it. Handicap accessible trailers are available on request.

Where We Got

Our Start

It Was Love at First Sight

It all began in high school when young Simon Elliott began working for his parents’ local portable toilet company. Simon’s vision soared way beyond conventional portable toilets. He recognized a growing need for large-scale mobile hygiene units. He eventually set his sights on building 53′ semi-trailers for housing showers and laundry for use during military training and disaster relief.

Simon left the portable toilet industry in late 2007 to pursue the large-scale portable shower and laundry market with his new company Active Deployment Systems (ADS). But old habits die hard and the following year he made a course-changing discovery at a tradeshow in Nashville, TN. READ MORE.


Simon Elliott President, CEO